• Be direct and honest; talk openly
  • Be positive; encourage your friend
  • Encourage trust
  • Listen carefully
  • Be supportive
  • Take care of yourself
  • Be available
  • Be patient
  • Express concerns in specific terms
  • Be aware and non-judgmental
  • Ask what you can do to help
  • Respect “no”s
  • Ask…

Anonymous asked:

I'm sorry but that anon was right you should follow a sport because you like the sport not because you like the players if that's the reason why you follow formula one than you're a bad fan.

stelleappese answered:

  1. I don’t follow F1 because I want to bang the drivers.
    (I mean, yeah, I want to bang driver, but it’s hardly relevant since he stopped racing in the early ’80s :P)
  2. If, however, I did follow F1 because I wanted to bang the drivers it wouldn’t be any of your business.
  3. You don’t get to decide who’s a good fan and who’s not; do whatever the fuck you please, let the rest of us do whatever the fuck we please since our eventual drooling over pretty boys does not impact your life in the least
  4. How the fuck is watching, say, MotoGP and finding yourself thinking: “well dammit, Marquez’s butt is pretty damn glorious”, which is completely normal if you’re attracted to men, wrong; but enjoying that whole chunk of media where women in skimpy clothes get humiliated and used as pretty objects perfectly normal for a ‘healthy young man’?
  5. Basically, and sorry if this is rude but I can’t possibly think of any other way to let the message through in an effective way, fuck off.


I was tagged by ronnie-peterson (and I just tagged somebody! Claps for the slow learner!)

1. I’ve known I wanted to be a geophysicist since I was eight (or something like that), although I didn’t know that was what it was called then. I just knew I wanted to study the earth and volcanoes and earthquakes and rocks.

2. I’ve known I wanted to be a writer since I was six, because my year two teacher read my three page ‘When Mr Happy was sad’ story, and my arch nemesis told her it wasn’t a proper story and my teacher said it was creative and good. Being a writer meant beating my enemies, and even as a child I was into that.

3. I’m a ghoul.

4. I missed the beginning of my end of college party because I was meeting Eoin Colfer, who wished me luck for the future! The creator of Artemis Fowl (a huge influence on my writing) wished me luck for the future. 

5. My first ever novel, which I’ve been working on for nearly four years, is about a mute French ‘terrorist’. He’s a nice guy.

6. I was in a steel pan and samba band for four years. I loved it and only left when I left school.

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