I had a dream that I took Fernando and Kimi out to my ranch and took them to get barbecue and Fernando kept telling me he was trying to tweet and kept explaining Twitter to me even though I was like “I know, I have a Twitter” and Kimi sat next to me and smiled at everything but was confused when I gave him my rifle and didn’t say a word the whole dream


I laughed for way too long at this. XD


Anonymous asked:

Please, you need to write the conversation between simi you just left hanging in the air!

thepagemistress answered:

Since you asked so nicely… (and sorry it took so long, I hope you stumble across this somehow, nonnie!)

Sequel to this post!

Kimi was half-heartedly packing his carry-on case when there was a knock on his hotel door. He frowned to himself, wondering if he had left something back in the paddock.

He didn’t know why he was so surprised to find Sebastian on the other side of the door, looking somewhat sheepish.

“It’s later,” he stated and Kimi couldn’t fault him there, as much as he would have liked to. He didn’t even bother putting up a protest as Sebastian invited himself into the room, nor did he ask how he found out the number.

Kimi shut the door and turned to find Sebastian standing awkwardly in the middle of the room, fingers twitching at his sides as they do when he’s nervous. He waited for him to speak, knowing he wouldn’t have to wait long.

“So…you were jealous.”

“I believe we covered that, yes.”

“Just of Lewis? Or anyone?”

“I don’t know,” Kimi said, leaning back against the door so he didn’t feel quite so on the spot. He could just pretend this was a casual conversation.

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